Kansas Lottery

When you play the Kansas lottery there are several things that you can do to rapidly increase your chances of winning. With a little strategy and a lot of determination it is possible to beat the odds. While winning millions often only seems like a pipe dream, increasing your playing potential is simple and easy to do.

One of the most common strategies for winning with any lottery system is to simply get in a good group. Here everyone contributes a fixed amount of money towards tickets and if one wins, everyone gets a share of the prize. While this may not seem like the ideal way of winning the lottery, it is one of the most effective ways. More tickets means a far higher likelihood of having your numbers hit, and if you are playing with family, should you win, your loved ones are already taken care of.

If you are choosing to play the mega millions game there are certain number combinations that are far more likely to hit than others. Conversely, there are groups that are not likely to hit as well. By implementing a bit of strategy in your number selection, you can increase your odds dramatically, whether playing in a group or alone.

One quick thing to remember is that common number groups are not often picked. This means that picking 5 multiples of five is never a good idea. Such a draw is possible but is only likely to occur once in a very many pulls. The trick then is to pick a balanced lit. You want to get approximately three numbers that are high and three low numbers. Or two numbers that are high and three low numbers, each of these not being multiples of one lowest common denominator.

The same is true for even and odd numbers as well. When hand picking you numbers for the Kansas lottery try to get a balanced mix of both even and odd numbers. By implementing these strategies and others that can be found on the web, you may become the next Kansas millionaire.